The Catalonia Trail is a bikepacking race in the modality of self-supporter and non-stop (you decide if you want to stop, where and when). The race is thought for people who enjoy adventure, nature, achieving their goals and cycling.  A fantastic opportunity to discover Catalonia and its best landscapes and culture. 

Starting on the 19th of April in Girona, racers will have four days to arrive to Manresa. They are to follow a 200 mi. route and 27,500 ft. elevation gain through huge mountains and amazing Catalan villages. The route will mainly go through gravel roads and lonely mountain passes.

Two modalities:

  • Long distance: 200 miles and 27.500 feet
  • Short distance: 141 miles and 14.000 feet


  • 20 euros long distance and 15 the short one until 19th of March,
  • 25 euros long distance and 20 the short one until 7th of April,
  • 30 euros long distance and 25 the short one until 14h of April.