The Catalonia Trail is a 320 km. or 230 km.  route with an 8.300 m. or 4.200 m. of total ascent. The route mainly follows gravel roads and lonely mountain passes. 

Where and when?

Catalonia Trail is going to start on the 19th of April at 8 and 10 a.m. in pavilion of Fontajau in Girona. Cyclists will have four days to go from Girona to Manresa and they will principally pass through mountains and some beautiful villages like Rupit, Ripoll, Castellà de N’Hug and Berga.

The organization recomends not go by bicycle at night due to the fact that there are some dangerous singletracks where can be difficult to find possible accidents and help them. In case cycling at night and alone, participants must give a tracking sistem (Garmin Livetrack or Strava Beacon) to organization and take an external batery to recharge mobil and gps.


  • Until 19th of March, 20 € long distance and 15 € the short one. (+10 not federated)
  • Until 7th of April, 25 € long distance and 20 € the short one. (+10 not federated)
  • Until 14th of April, 30 € long distance and 25 € the short one. (+10 not federated)

All participants need a cyclist licence. Members from other countries should check organisers if their licence is valid. If they are without licence, they can buy a daily licence for 10 euros. It protects them for all 4 days of the course. 

Where to sleep 

In bikepacking people can sleep where they want, as long as they respect the natural environment of the countryside. Organisers will offer a list of shelters where people who don’t want to sleep in the middle of the mountain can sleep for a reasonable price, but other locations for shelter may be available. Everyone has to make their own reservations. 

Be careful due to the fact that Easter is very a very important hollydays in Catalonia and lots of hotels can be full. 

The bicycle

BTT bikes is ideal for completing the long route, Gravel is also ok, but Bikers should be aware that there are a few places with steep ascents and some rocky terrain. If cyclist want to do these few places with a gravel bike, we recommend tires 40 mm. wide and chain drives of 34 X 42.

Short distance route is a perfect surface by gravel bikes.